Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A-England's Tristam

Hello again! Today I thought I would share one of my very favorite polishes EVER: A-England's Tristam.  This is a gorgeous blue with very fine holo. It looks breathtaking in the sun and pretty amazing in not so ideal lighting as well.  Since the sun will apparently never come out again where I live, I am using old pics from the last time I wore it (over Thanksgiving).  This is two coats with on coat of Seche QD.  Isn't it gorgeous? 

A-England's polishes are consistently wonderful.  The formula on all of the ones I have tried is so easy to work with and very forgiving.  The pigmentation on them is amazing and the colors are part of the reason why A-England is one of my very favorite brands ever.  Seriously, if you have not given them a try, I urge you to do so!
Although I am a bit late, this was intended to be an anniversary post for A-England, as the one year anniversary of the launch of the lovely Adina's first collection, the Mythicals, was the 8th of January.  The Mythicals is all based on Arthurian legend, which for a BBC Merlin-watching nerd like me is like the holy grail (pun intended, haha) of nail polish collections.  As of the other day, I can proudly say that I own all of them (even if they aren't all here yet).  The Mythicals collection can be purchased here.

Adina has also announced that a new collection will be launching soon; The Legend, based on the story of St. George.  A sneak peek of this collection (including swatches, which are to DIE for) can be found here, at the Ommorphia Beauty Bar.  I have preordered St.George and Princess Tears.  Which shades from A-England are your favorites?

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