Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ultimate, Perfect Red... Cult Nails Quench Review + Pics

I just realized I have started off 5/7 blog posts with "Hello again," so I will attempt to control myself, haha.  To anyone who knows me, it is no secret that red is my all time favorite color and this love extends to polishes; if I see a pretty red, I will undoubtedly buy it some day.  I bought Quench originally thinking that it would be a nice addition to my collection of reds, and not much else: can I just say: DEAD WRONG!

Maria at Cult Nails describes it thusly: "QUENCH is a sexy, yet classic red.  Weather you're a pale princess or an ebony goddess, this color is stunning on everyone.  Quench dries to an extremely high shine."
And let me tell you, Quench definitely delivers. This color is gorgeous to the extreme, and truly the best non-effects red polish I've ever seen.  The application is also incredibly easy and the formula is the most forgiving one I have ever used.  As you can see, it does indeed dry to a very high shine.  The above pic was taken indoors with one coat of OPI topcoat and one coat of Seche QD, but even so, the shine was almost the same before topcoat.

And in a different kind of indoor lighting (fluorescent) , it looks vampier, which does not bother me in the slightest.  To add to the already spectacular awesomeness of the polish, can I once again say kudos to Maria on the formula?  Incredibly long-lasting for me with minimal tip wear and no chips.  This is definitely my new go-to red polish.

And lastly, in the sunlight.  Isn't it pretty? The only possible problem I can think of is that it is very sheer.  Even with 3 coats, I still had a faint VNL, so that is something to keep in mind.  To me, the color pay-off is well worth the patience in application, but those who don't like sheer polishes may become frustrated by it.  I still say that I strongly urge everyone to try this.  Even if you don't like reds, give it a shot anyway! How can you resist such a pretty red lacquer?

Not to mention that you can't help but feel kind of sexy when your nails are painted that classic, bold red :).